This post is going to be so lame and all over the place because my roommate won’t shut the fuck up while I’m trying to write this so I can’t really formulate my arguments right now but I want to get this out of my system because I just finished watching the movie Frozen. I […]

So I’ve watched White Collar inconsistently before. I saw most of season one but never discovered what happened with Kate, and then a few episodes of the later seasons sporadically. I really did like the show but I didn’t have a PVR or $$ to get the DVDs so I’ve been stuck wanting to catch […]

Here’s some of the people you’ll meet in the office. Or… just my office. Ok, I lied, this is just my office… enjoy! The Noisemakers – for some reason, these people are just loud. It’s how they live their lives. They jangle their keys, they wear squeaky shoes, they cough a lot, they sneeze etc. […]

UPDATE: Hi everyone, So I wrote this post (read below) about the video about a humble homeless man winning a fake lottery. Well, after that video was released I guess people decided to pay into a fundraiser for Eric (the homeless man). Over time, $44000 was donated by people who were moved by the video. […]

Remember when R Kelly peed on little girls? Yah apparently no one else does either. I mean I did, and I was trying to tell my friend that this happened when we were in junior high and she thought I was bullshitting her the entire time!  Why am I talking about R Kelly? Well, I’ve […] Just saw this as I was floating around on the internet, which in all honesty, I don’t really do. The whole concept really pisses me off in general. Lets show how all these women from these fairy tales become powerless victims in their lives. I’m sure that’s just as good as the bullshit they […]

So, last night I was watching the Sharks vs Oilers game. Just because of the way my schedule works out, I rarely get to see any games during the week (instead I veg in front of the TV on Saturdays from 5-11 engrossed with HNIC). But occasionally, I get home early enough on Wednesdays to […]

Alright. I am a hockey fan, albeit I don’t get to watch a lot of the games because of work, I still try to catch them when I can or follow it on my BB. And then this news of a new NHL+Rogers deal burst onto the scene like no other. And I think it […]

As many of you have deduced, I am participating in Nano. I’m doing okay so far, but I’ve fallen behind maybe 6000 or 7000 words. I hope to catch up on Wednesday and do some marathon writing this weekend. So far, I’ve found out a few things about my writing… I definitely enjoy the editing […]

Well. It’s almost December and it’s been weeks already of Christmas themed commercials, songs, drinks, displays, apps, and anything else you can imagine. And it’s only going to get worse. “What do you mean worse, Jay?” I mean, everything that Christmas doesn’t consciously represent enters the subconscious of all those who aren’t represented by it. […]